Dr. Jeffrey J. Magnavita


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Format & Modalities

While we do not participate in any managed care networks so that we can provide individualized and confidential services, we will generate and submit insurance forms for those who seek out of network benefits.

The length of the session is determined after the initial consultation and are then adjusted as necessary. Sessions are generally 45-minutes or 90-minutes, although extended sessions called block therapy, can be arranged where appropriate, which include breaks. 

Various modalities of treatment may be offered either together or sequentially such as:

  • individual
  • couples
  • family



Initial Consultation (45-minutes)  $250

Individual, Couples, Marital Psychotherapy session (45-minutes) $250

Psychotherapy session (90-minutes) $500

Extended Psychotherapy sessions (each 45-minutes) $200.

Payment by check or credit card