Dr. Jeffrey J. Magnavita

Psychotherapy Training


Seminars & Workshops

Dr. Magnavita is a highly acclaimed international speaker who presents on a variety of topics including short-term dynamic psychotherapy, treatment of personality disorders, evidence-based treatment approaches, technology and mental health, clinical decision-making, and unified psychotherapeutics. Seminars and workshops can be arranged. Please contact Dr. Magnavita at: magnapsych@gmail.com


Dr. Magnavita has written and edited 11 professional volumes in psychotherapy, personality theory, clinical decision-making, technology in mental health practice and has written and co-written numerous chapters in text books. He has also published his work in many leading peer reviewed journals.

APA Psychotherapy Videotapes

In Personality Disorders, Dr. Jeffrey J. Magnavita demonstrates his approach to working with clients presenting with the spectrum of personality disorders and with clinical syndromes such as obsessive–compulsive or anxiety disorders. Dr. Magnavita uses personality-guided relational psychotherapy, a form of therapy that describes personality as encompassing four domains: biological, interpersonal, relational, and sociocultural.

APA Psychotherapy in Six-Session Videotapes

In Personality-Guided Therapy Over Time, Dr. Jeffrey J. Magnavita demonstrates his unified model of conceptualizing personality dysfunction and focusing treatment using four well-established constructs as pattern recognition tools. His approach tailors psychotherapy to each client, systematically interweaving therapeutic modalities, strategies, and interventions using a biopsychosocial perspective.

On-line Training in Psychotherapeutics

 In addition to his active clinical practice and scholarly work, Dr. Magnavita is the founder and CEO of Strategic Psychotherapeutics, LLC the developer of StratPsych an online learning platform for "making psychotherapists better".

Clinical Supervision

 Dr. Magnavita offers individual and group clinical supervision in person or via tele-supervision for those with access to internet, using encrypted software.